Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Thursday, September 19, 2019
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
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Mengers, Michael
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Every manager needs to be financially-savvy to ensure they are making the best decisions within their department. This includes understanding and managing budgets, financial reports and business plans. You need to be able to understand and communicate the financial performance of your department and understand how the decisions that you make impact the bottom line. When you understand accounting and finance, you are in a better position to recognize opportunities for managing costs and contributing to the profitability of the organization. This workshop will increase your comfort level in reviewing and interpreting financial reports and using those reports to make decisions for your own department. You’ll be able to gain faster approval for new ideas and plans when you present the information in financial terms so a decision can be made at the leadership level. This workshop is ideal for managers, supervisors and team leads who need a better understanding of finance and accounting in order to more effectively manage their departments or workgroups to ensure they are contributing to the bottom line of the organization, and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and understanding of finance and accounting. Please bring a calculator to this workshop.

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