NRESS Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
James Hall G46
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NRESS PhD Program
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NRESS PhD Program Fall 2018 Environmental Sciences Seminar Series presents

"This Microbial Life: New Perceptions of our Microbial World", a miniseries within the seminar series. We welcome the first of four speakers in this miniseries:

Dr. Marco Keiluweit, Assistant Professor, Soils and the Environment, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Spatial Variations in Microbial Processes Controlling
Carbon Oxidation Rates in Soils

Soils represent the largest and most dynamic carbon reservoir within terrestrial ecosystems. Mechanisms controlling the amount of carbon stored in soils and its feedbacks to the climate system, however, remain poorly resolved. Global carbon models assume that carbon cycling in upland soils is entirely driven by aerobic heterotrophic respiration; the impact of anaerobic microsites prevalent even within well-drained upland soils is missed within this conception. In this presentation, I will show that anaerobic microsites, ubiquitous in even well-drained upland soils, are important regulators of soil carbon persistence. I will demonstrate that microbial metabolism in anaerobic microsites shifts to less efficient anaerobic respiration, thereby protecting otherwise bioavailable, reduced organic compounds from decomposition. I will further explain how such metabolic constraints may be responsible for the selective preservation of aliphatic compounds such as lipids and waxes observed in upland soils globally. Finally, I will discuss the vulnerability of anaerobically protected soil carbon to future climate or land use change and argue that it constitutes a yet unrecognized positive soil carbon-climate feedback mechanism that should be quantitatively incorporated into terrestrial ecosystem climate models.


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Dr. Marco Keiluweit
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