Paying for Crime: NH Budget and Policy Priorities in Theory and Practice

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Memorial Union Building Theater II
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Gaudet, Kate
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 Please join us for the second event in this year's Sidore Lecture Series, "What Is a Criminal?" Students, faculty, and the public are welcome.

Paying for Crime: New Hampshire Budget and Policy Priorities in Theory and Practice

This panel will look for New Hampshire’s answer to the question “What is a criminal?” in the statements made by its budget and policies.

Helen Hanks, Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Corrections

Since 2017 Commissioner Hanks, New Hampshire’s first female commissioner of corrections, has overseen the state’s three prisons as well as its probation offices and transitional housing. She previously served in the Medical and Psychiatric Services department of the NH Department of Corrections.

Christopher Keating, Director, Administrative Office of the Courts, State of New Hampshire

Christopher Keating has been Director of New Hampshire's Administrative Office of the Courts since 2016. Previously, he oversaw New Hampshire's indigent-defense delivery system as the director of the Judicial Council, where he was responsible for the agency's $25 million budget and was an advocate on behalf of adequate funding for legal services and equal access to justice. He began his career as a public defender in 1992, was the managing attorney of two rural public-defender offices in the North Country, and served for 11 years as executive director of the statewide Public Defender Program.

Chris Brackett, Superintendent, Strafford County Jail

In his role overseeing the Strafford County Jail, Superintendent Brackett is in a position to discuss how state policies affect (in intended and unintended ways) life on the ground in the correctional system. Superintendent Brackett has worked with the “What Is a Criminal?” course in the past, and impressed us with his thoughtfulness and candor regarding the trade-offs inherent in the justice system. The Strafford County Jail includes a “therapeutic living community,” which Superintendent Brackett oversees and budgets for.

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