NRESS Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
James Hall, G46
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Lynne Cooper
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NRESS PhD Program Fall 2018 Environmental Sciences Seminar Series presents
"Navigating the New Arctic", a mini-series within the seminar series.  We welcome the third of four speakers in thie mini-series:

Dr. Michael Rawlins, Associate Director of the Climate System Research Center, UMass-Amherst

Understanding Terrestrial Arctic Water and Carbon Cycles and the Impacts of Climate Warming
Water, biogeochemical constituents, and energy define key linkages across the Arctic land, atmosphere, and ocean domains. The terrestrial Arctic water cycle is central to a range of climatic processes and to the transfer of carbon, energy, and a host of other constituents from land areas to coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean. For example, the quantity and quality of river discharge in Arctic regions is influenced by processes involving climate, watershed attributes and, increasingly, hydrological cycle intensification and permafrost thaw. In this talk I describe our current understanding of the connections between a warming climate and flows of water and carbon from arctic land areas to coastal margins. The research leverages observed data and hydrological modeling to examine the impacts of warming on terrestrial Arctic water and biogeochemical fluxes. I also describe data collection efforts for a new Long Term Ecological Research site established to better understand the biogeochemistry and food webs of lagoon complexes along the Alaskan Beaufort Sea coast. 

Dr. Michael Rawlins
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