Carsey Research Seminar: Elizabeth Kneebone

Monday, November 18, 2013
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Elliott Alumni Center - 1925 Room
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Academic Event
Beth Mattingly

1.       Elizabeth Kneebone is a fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings. In her visit to Durham, Kneebone will talk about research from her new book. In Confronting Suburban Poverty in America, she and coauthor Alan Berube take on the new reality of metropolitan poverty and opportunity in America. For decades, suburbs added poor residents at a faster pace than cities, so that suburbia is now home to more poor residents than central cities, and over a third of the nation’s total poor population. Yet the antipoverty infrastructure built over the past several decades does not fit this rapidly changing geography.Kneebone and Berube paint a new picture of poverty in America as well as the best ways to combat it.


Confronting Suburban Poverty in America offers a series of workable recommendations for public, private, and nonprofit leaders seeking to modernize poverty alleviation and community development strategies and connect residents with economic opportunity in cities and suburbs alike.  The authors highlight efforts in metro areas where local leaders are learning how to do more with less and adjusting their approaches to address the metropolitan scale of poverty by integrating services and service delivery, collaborating across sectors and jurisdictions, and using data-driven and flexible funding strategies.

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