Engineering Futures Session

Saturday, October 13, 2012
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Kingsbury Hall N121
Event Type
Academic Event
Britta Moore

 What: Engineering Futures Session - "People Skills"  

Hosted by two professional engineers, organized by Tau Beta Pi, NH Alpha Chapter
When:  Saturday Oct. 13 10am-2pm
Where: Kings N121
Lunch is provided!
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People Skills — communicating and resolving interpersonal problems
  • Communicating Interpersonal Problems
    • Learn how to communicate interpersonal problems in a manner that will get the problem solved while maintaining relationships with others.
  • Diagnosing the Cause of Interpersonal Problems
  • Resolving Motivational Problems
    • Learn how to motivate people by communicating consequences of not resolving the problem. Also learn how to set up and follow plans once a solution is agreed upon to help ensure that the problem is permanently solved.
  • Resolving Ability Problems
    • Learn how to involve the individual with the ability problem in developing a solution to his or her ability problem.
  • Resolving Emergent Problems
    • Learn to identify and resolve emergent problems (secondary problems that arise during the resolution of a problem) such as high emotion (anger, stress, etc.) or complex, unintelligible responses to questions.

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