CAROLUS: The Life and Death of King Charles XII of Sweden

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
12:00 PM
UNH Manchester - Third Floor Auditorium
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Fredriksten Fortress, 1718. A shot rings out in the cold darkness and a cloaked figure slumps onto the trench ramparts. The king is dead. Long live Carolus Rex. Ruling in the twilight years of the Swedish Empire, Charles XII is the epitome of a warrior king: decisive, bold and tactically sound. Barely eighteen, he spends the rest of his life on military campaigns keeping the inevitable doom of his empire at bay for nearly two decades through sheer force of will. Who is this “Alexander of the North” and is his mysterious death a lucky enemy shot or something far more sinister?

Presented by Michael Glaeser. Michael Glaeser graduated from UNH Manchester in 2008 with a BA in Business Relations. He recently received his Masters in Early Modern History at the University of Sheffield, England.

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