Live Free or Swing! A Peoples History of Jazz & Blues

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
MUB Theatre II
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University Dialogue Event
Amy Cunningham, Discovery Program
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Jazz and blues are voices of freedom born out of oppression. Throughout much of American history slavery, repression, and legal and societal segregation permeated all aspects of life for African Americans. In response, they created a different sense of underground freedom with music, specifically in the development of blues and jazz. These musical forms that were so nuanced, that for the most part, they escaped notice by White America. Ironically, these musical forms would infuse American music for generations; from the birth of recorded music and beyond, they influenced what was being played across radio airwaves, from juke boxes, and in concert and dance halls across the United States and beyond. Those largely untold stories behind the music and musicians are what this three part series, "Live Free or Swing,” is all about.

Facilitated by musician and educator, T. J. Wheeler; sponsored by the UNH Library’s New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz, and coordinated by the Discovery Program and Professor Bill Ross of the Library's Milne Special Collections & Archives.

All programs are scheduled from 5:00-6:30pm in MUB Theatre II.

Wed 2/20/13 - LIVE FREE OR SWING! A Peoples History of Jazz & Blues

Program 1: The Moan ... The African Diaspora, Slavery, and Civil War. The role of Africa, the Caribbean, slavery, and religion in the development of African-American music.

Wed 3/27/13 - LIVE FREE OR SWING! A Peoples History of Jazz & Blues

Program 2: Freedom, Jim Crow, and the Development of American’s True Art Form: Jazz. How black migration, segregation, and a variety of musical traditions came together to produce jazz.

Wed 4/17/13 - LIVE FREE OR SWING! A Peoples History of Jazz & Blues

Program 3: The River Runs with the Blues: Jazz Comes Home and the Blues had a Baby. Jazz simultaneously evolves and returns to its roots, while the blues puts a permanent stamp on American popular music.

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